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Very interesting having a platform like this! God bless u all Dec 20th 2018

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Interessed to immigrate in studies-sport(football) program

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Dec 20th 2018

God bless you in Jesus Christ Mighty name. Bonjour et Soyez Beni en Jesus Christ le Roi des Roi.

JJK Institute (Just Jesus King) is the best Institute of Jesus Christ on Earth to proclaim the Love of Jesus by concrete actions. We have helped several thousands of students from all over the world immigrate to US, Canada, Asia, South America, Europe etc for work, study, business, missionary etc.

For any students interested to immigrate and study overseas or to work etc. Please connect with us Via our Facebook Group of : JJK We are all immigrants on Earth.

This is the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/JJK4Boosteducationchampion/?ref=bookmarks

We also have a page where many of our students from around the world connect


Those are the only medium where we will share any information related to Christian financing, scholarship immigration etc.

We also have a website where our member can connect www.jjkinstitute.ca

Please share those information and you will see how prosperity will come your way and you will save many other people lives trying to immigrate. So many of immigrants die in the sea and are taken as slave trying to immigrate or lose money because they do not have the right information. JJK want to make sure that people can immigrate safely and happily all around the world for the glory of God.

Everything will be in English, French and Spanish. Nous vous assisterons en Francais, Englais, et Espagnol