Waswanipi School Guidance and Counselling Office

Randy Martin is the head of this department.

The guidance and counseling of students is an integral component of the educational mission of our school. Guidance and counseling services and programs promote the personal/social, educational, and career development of all our students.

Working with Students

school counseling' first professional responsibility is to the students. The educational, academic, career, personal, and social needs of all students within the school setting, from Kindergarten to Grade 12, are the focus in planning and delivering a developmental, comprehensive guidance and counseling program.

The diverse needs of our students may require specific counseling expertise and Randy Martin through his intense knowledge, educational background and expertise in the field provide an exceptional and first class service to our students need.

Please don't hesitate to call or email Randy Martin for more information at:


Working with the School and Community

Our School counselor serve a dual role of educator (through guidance education activities) and counselor (through counseling services) merging when the counsellor is involved in prevention work. All of life’s situations interact with each other. For instance, by addressing a student’s personal/social needs through counselling, the school counsellor simultaneously teaches resiliency skills and affects the student’s readiness for educational challenges. As a result of such interrelationships, the school counsellor supports the integration of guidance and counselling services to address school and community needs.

Randy Martin develops a comprehensive, developmental guidance and counselling program with their school team to meet the needs for their context and specific school population. This development process includes identifying needs, implementing and monitoring programs, as well as adjusting plans based on the developmental needs of students. Regular evaluation of the plan and its implementation are important to ensure the school and community are being served.

Working with Parents/Guardians

Our Professional Counselor Randy Martin understand that Parents/guardians fulfill a primary role in the lives of their children; therefore, collaboration with parents in the best interest of students is a key activity of our school counseling office.

Please understand that our School counseling office do not provide family counseling. The focus of school counseling is on the personal, social, educational, and career development of the student. Providing parents, as appropriate, with accurate information in a caring manner is part of working with minors in a school setting. The open sharing of guidance education activities with parents is separate from the confidential nature of a counseling relationship. Working with students to keep parents appropriately informed without breaching confidentiality is an important responsibility. Our School counseling office bridge communication with parents at every opportunity.

Working with Colleagues and Professional Associates

Our Guidance and counseling services are part of a broader delivery system designed to enhance the success of all learners. Randy Martin establishes and maintains an ongoing professional, collaborative relationship with school staff, clinicians, and other service providers who work with students in our school. Colleagues and professional associates are consulted and provided with professional information related to the educational success and well-being of students who are also in their care.

Educational planning and services are coordinated in the best interest of the student. Information is shared with adherence to appropriate guidelines for confidentiality. Our School counseling office always  work within the limits of the law, within the policies and procedures of school divisions and schools, as well as within the ethical requirements of the association of which we may be members.

Consultation Support Provided

Our School counseling office work together with other certified teachers and clinical professionals to increase opportunities for success in the lives of all learners. Randy Martin provide education, guidance, and counseling to all students in the school through activities
such as:

  • direct instruction;
  • guidance education;
  • team teaching;
  • group and individual counselling, and
  • student support team planning.


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Teaching starts from a heart full of love, compassion and joy!

Every teacher should have a joyful and loving heart every single day; kids can feel it and respond to it...


Don’t ask what your school can do for you, but what can you do for your school every day!

                                                                             Dr Wakawaka Hughes P.

Breakfast & Lunch program Sponsors

We would like to give a big and Warm thank you to former principal Ms Sophia Galanis, Marieline Kitchen and Louis Bernier for their unconditional support from the beginning of this program. Our thanks also go to The active and humble principal Josee Lalumiere, Vice Principal Michel Branchaud, pastor Allen Etapp, Michel Awashish, Marie Ortepi, teachers and members of the pentecostal church.

  • Maxi Chibougameau
  • Band Office (Mat. Blacksmith)
  • Michel Awashish from Church
  • Jack Otter (Suicide prevention coordinator)
  • Members of Church and volunteers (MaryAnn Ottereyes, etc.)
  • MSDC Team

In the name of God most High, we give thanks to our sponsor and our future sponsors.

If you want to sponsor or volunteer in our Youth Lunch program, please email Dr Waka Hughes at hughespierre@justedu.org

God bless


The Office of Readaptation and the Waswanipi MSDC/Health board has sealed a great deal of providing extra help to students in need. This is the first deal ever done within the Cree Nation between School and Health Board/MSDC.

We are very thankful to Marie Ortepie, Winnie, Ghislain, Sophie and the whole team at MSDC for the unlimited support and love for our students.


Every Month, the Office of Readaptation and Special Ed hosts a school/community potluck at the school. The idea is to allow community’s members, parents, teachers and students to interact and to know each other better. The overall objective is to prevent and alleviate behavioral issue at our schools.

The first potluck hosted at our school was a great success with almost 600 people attending. We want to give a very warm and special appreciation to Vice Principal Emilie Deschenes for helping us making that potluck happen. Your great contribution to our school and to the Holistic Thinking for Positive Behavior is always treasured.

Saturday Lunch

Every Saturday, we host a free Lunch program at the Pentecostal church (basement) from 12 pm to 2pm.

All the kids are welcome. The menus vary from:

  • Moose Spaghetti
  • Hot dogs
  • fried rice with carrot and meat
  • Pizza
  • Potatoes and fries
  • drink
  • chicken and soup
  • etc.


Movie Night

We host a movie night every Friday at 7 pm with the youth at the Pentecostal Church.

Every kids are welcome. We also have a snack and drink during and after the movie.


Math and Spelling Tournament

We host a Math and Spelling Tournament every weeks at the Rainbow Elementary School.

We are also looking for sponsor to offer various prices to winners.

Thank you!

Start a Youth activities?

If you have an idea of a youth program that will  built our school, church and our community in Jesus, please feel free to contact Pastor Allen Etapp, or the School.

Donate to this program?

If the Creator, God has touched your heart to support the after school program, our lunch program at church or any other project we are involved, please feel free to contact  Pastor Allan Etapp or the school and arrangement could be made to receive your donation.

God bless your heart and your family.

JJK Cree contact

Address for activities: 17, Cedar St.

              Waswanipi, QC, J0Y3C0

Tel: 929-800-2946

School address:  Rainbow School
Waswanipi, Quebec
J0Y 3C0

 email: info@justedu.org


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